Saturday, October 1, 2011

384 hours

2 very important friends in my life , had just left the country. I've no idea how far United Kingdom is , my geography always sucks. But what I know is , there will always be 2 guys missing on the basketball court. There will always be 2 guys less , when we are shooting freethrows to decide who get to bath first. There will always be 2 guys less , when we walk across the pasar malam , holding our breathe because of the stinky chao tau fu.

And , there will always be 2 guys less , when Im looking for someone to share my problem with.

I hate saying goodbye to people around me. Love , Friendship , Family , or even a person that I only heard his / her name before. I just hate the feeling of separating. When you get used to seeing someone , or having someone around your life , it's really hard to say goodbye to them.

I've no greetings for 2 of you , because I know you both will be doing very well at UK. So the only thing I wanted to request is , please do not forget all your friends in Malaysia , of course ,that includes me. I really hope that , mayb 5 years or even 10 years from now, someday , we can reunite again , and play a game of basketball together.

and yes , 384 hours , Im not writing about her anymore.

I've nothing about her to write on.

Friends , especially my Sabians friends and all my old friends , I treasure u guys. A lot.

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