Thursday, September 15, 2011


I skipped Miss Mary's class , for some reason. Walked in the rain , and bought myself a movie ticket. In the dark room with story running on the wall , i guess its the only place I could blank my mind for about 90 minutes.

I guess Im just one step away from losing my mind. How can someone watch movie like The Smurfs and cry in the cinema? Seriously , who will ?

Im probably the only one in the world I guess. Unless there is someone else that going through the exact same feeling as I am now. The movie was about 5 times better than I thought it would be.

My favourite part of the movie is 'the bluemoon part'. I think Patrick is so right. We often neglect whats actually the most important thing in our life. We spend too much time worrying about our future , instead of living in the present.

We are often blinded by money , career , future and all those things that will be defined as ' successful ' by the society. But you know what ? The most precious thing is always the one standing right beside you.

The right person , only appear once in a blue moon. Maybe he or she was there , all the time , but we were just too busy to realize their presence. May I look into your eyes once again , and tell you how much I actually appreciate you? Or perhaps a single glance from me , started to annoy u already?

Thanks for all the things my girl. I seriously mean it. Every single thing. Thank You.

Maybe somewhere in the future , our path will cross again , our fate will ignite , once again.


You know what. The funny thing is , I know you don't read in english , and thats exactly the reason why , I am writing all these in english. Maybe in the bottom of my heart , fear starts to take over the unique feeling , known as love.

Im scared. After all the ignorance , those cold responds , those mean words , those heart breaking conversation and all the scolding , I guess Im probably afraid already.

However , I still SMURFS you.

Hopefully somewhere in the future , you will do ,too.

Love happens once in a blue moon. 

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