Friday, September 16, 2011

First day of rehab

Love , in many ways , is surprisingly similiar with drugs.

Once you fallen into love , it will somehow take forever to get out of it.

Congratulation to myself. This is the first 24 hours , that Ive been able to keep the safe distance from her. This may sounds funny and ridiculous , but it's definitely something worth celebrating.

The first 24 hours , its like one big step for me. Its like baby finally learn how to walk ,with their own foot.

My heart is still very very messy. The condition is even worse than my room. My heart is never calm , except the time that Im in my dreams.

But , I somehow manage to survive the first 24 hours. Isnt that something to be proud of ?

While Im playing basketball today , I accidentally fell hard and knocked myself to the floor , ended up with bruises and wounds on my left foot and knee.

Honestly , I don't feel the pain at all. Not a little bit.

It's because , some part of the body is even wounded more extensively.

However , this is the first day of rehab , and I did pretty fine.

Nevertheless , what should I give myself in return?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Sometimes I cant help but wonder...... what do I really have in life? Not the moon , not the sun , not the stars and not even the cloud.

How about the wind? Can I have the wind at least ? Can I spread my wings and just let the wind bring me to some place Ive never been before?

I should just take a journey , across those strange and unfamiliar places , to pick up my soul once again.

Just like Elizabeth , in 'My Blueberry Nights'.

If , I can survive the second day of rehab. Let's talk about my recent favourite movie , shall we?

* I should just let life guide me to the place that belongs to me. Not the wind. But wheres my life?*

Tak sakit pun.

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